Wednesday, May 28, 2008


Xtimeline is a platofrm allows users to create and explore the timeline of some events and people.

It is a very powerful and useful tools since the video or picture will be embadded in the event. User can simply click on to retrieve the information. The history lesson become more interesting and the creation of timeline enable the students to organize the events in a logical sequence which make their homework more interesting.

Google Map


Tuesday, May 27, 2008

The feedback of CD200615

Please comment to this post and provide your feedback about the following: 1. What did you like the most about learning about Web 2?2. Is there anything you learnt in this course that you would use in your work?3. Did you like using blog to organize your portfolio and why?

Web 2.0 is a very powerful platform and we like most of the tools we have learnt in this module. They are very user-friendly and up-to-dated tools which are excellent for in teaching and learning. I don't think those information and tools are only be used in library. The blogger, is a common use to record down the daily learning activities, the multimedia files and videos are embadded so the auidence can simply click the page. This enable interactive and interesting learning experience.


This is an interactive mindmap that enables user to amend and share. This tools could reserve the advantage of mind map while allow the information sharing and collobration.

Protopage is a very interesting platform that interates different RSS feed and updated frequently.

The module is very useful and informtive that bring us many new ideas to use the technology to enhance teaching and learing. We love the course very much. it is highly recommended!

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Zoho sharing

ZoHo Document

The zoho document has been created and amended but we cannot publish in peonysinni blooger, please try to click my another blogger to view it is possible to post

The Mindmap

The protopage

This is a very useful and resourceful web site for us to customize the suitable multimedia resource including podcast , videocasts and cartoons in a page.
The netvibes is a simiar page that enables us to customize different resources for different purpose such as
For teaching and learning: different subject links are organized
For social network: different fun page and information are organized
For our school libraries: different reading resoruce and online line learning platform are organized in a page easily